Friday, May 16, 2014

Chapter 33

She landed hard on her ankle and stumbled. Cayle caught her arm to steady her and she stepped on her ankle and clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out.
"I think my ankle's sprained." She whispered.
"Oh wonderful." Cadman whispered. "Can you walk? Or do I have to carry you?"
"I think I can manage, if you don't mind going slower than normal." She replied.
"Great, this is just great." He said, picking up her pack and swinging it over his shoulder. "Shall we go?"
They headed out at a slow pace, keeping an eye out for guards.
"Duck!" Cayle whispered and she did, accidentally putting weight on her injured ankle and she bit her lip.
She glanced at Cayle and saw that he was saluting someone, before nodding to her and continuing forward.
Cadman helped her up and she limped along, hating herself for landing so hard on her ankle.
They were almost to the castle wall now, having managed to avoid the guards and servants, and Deanna couldn't wait to be out there.
They had just hid from another patrol of guards, and were waiting for another group of servants to pass so that they could figure out a way to open the gates, when they opened and a small party of soldiers, all baring the crest of a crashing wave.
"The King's soldiers." Cayle whispered.
"What are they carrying?" Deanna asked, noticing what seemed to be a heavy trunk being carried by a few of the men.
"Treasure? Maybe that's the ransom money." Cadman said.
"Ransom for what?" Deanna asked.
"You, or at least who everyone thought you were."
"Marianna?" She asked.
"Yeah, how did you know?"
"When I was first brought here, they kept calling me Marianna; the reason I was still there was the Duke was supposedly making up for my less than great treatment." She explained.
"I see." Cadman said. "But where is the real Marianna?"
"How would I know that?" She said.
"Will both of you be quiet?" Cayle said. "Now's our chance."
"But how are we going to get through?" Deanna asked. "You could make an excuse but I'm not dressed like a guard."
"True, but maybe if we disguised you.." His voice trailed off as he looked around for something to disguise her with.
"Disguise me as what?" She asked.
He walked over to a clothes line and took some things down and threw them at her. "Put those on."
"It's your disguise." he said. "If anyone asks, we're throwing you out on the Duke's orders."
She wasn't convinced, but put the clothes on over her regular ones all the same, she put an extra piece of cloth on her head to hide her hair.
When she was done, Cadman and Cayle each took one of her arms and began dragging her towards the gates.
"Halt!" One of guards atop the gate said, and they paused. Deanna held her breath. "We have been ordered not to let anyone out of the city."
"And we have been ordered to throw this ruffian out of the city." Cadman replied. Deanna kept her head down and pretended to be unconscious.
The guard hesitated.
"We can't disobey the Dukes orders." He finally said.
"Neither can we." Cadman said. "So it would seem we've reached a stalemate."
The guard looked to his companion, who shrugged.
"Alright." The guard said finally and he and his fellow guard opened the gate.
Cadman saluted with one of this hands and nodded to Cayle and they dragged Deanna out of the castle.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! LUCKY DEANNA! I always wanted to be dragged out of a castle too! I guess SOME people's dreams do come true!
    Epic chapter Raven! SO glad Deanna's out of there. Now I wonder where Marianna is now too!
    Hope the boys take good care of our girl and help her with her ankle. (poor girl)
    Bravo on another exciting chapter my dear sister! Loved it! YAY

  2. At last! They've escaped! Hallelujah! Now it's going to get even MORE interesting. :D This is totally awesome! Looking forward to chapter 34!