Friday, May 9, 2014

Chapter 32

The guard took his post outside her room, leaving her to pace inside. Could she risk her original plan? Or had the Duke increased the guards?
She glanced out her window and her hopes fell: there was a guard standing below. She cursed and resumed her pacing.
She sat on the bed, staring at the wall, trying to think of a new escape plan when a rock came flying in through the open window, hitting the dresser.
She stared at the small stone as it sat on the floor, and looked out the window just as another came flying right at her.
She ducked as it hit the wall behind her.
"Is everything alright in there?" The guard outside asked.
"Yes, everything's fine, I tripped." She said, hoping the guard would believe her.
"Alright, Lady." He said.
"Why does everyone keep calling me that?" She muttered as she got to her feet and cautiously approached the window and looked down.
The guard was still standing where he had been, but now there was another guard beside him. She shook her head and walked away from the window and picked up the first rock.
It was a normal rock that had somehow thrown itself into her room. She had no explanation.
"Pssst!" She heard someone whisper. She looked around, but saw no one.
"Pssst!" The voice repeated, more insistent. "Don't make me throw another rock up there!"
"What on earth..." She muttered as she walked back to the window and looked down.
Both guards were looking up at the window, one had another stone in his hand.
"It's us!" He whispered.
"I don't know an 'us,'" She said. "Try another window."
He sighed loudly. "There's no time to be a smart-ass, okay? Get your stuff and get down here."
"No, Prince Bodil, of course it's Cayle, now hurry up will you?" He whispered.
She rushed over to her pack and tossed it out the window, and just as she was about to follow, there was a knock at the door, she froze.
"Lady Deanna?" She recognized the voice of one of the maids.
"Hold on." She whispered to Cayle, before she closed the window and walked over to the door and opened it.
The maid was standing outside holding a tray of food. "Your meal, My Lady."
"Um, thank you." Deanna said, taking the tray. "But there's really no need to call me 'my lady.'"
The maid bowed and backed away without answering, so Deanna just closed the door.
She set the tray down on the table and took a biscuit from the plate before walking back over to the window and opening it again.
She looked down.
"Well?" Cayle asked. "It's not that far."
"Mind over matter." She recognized the voice of Cadman.
"Yeah, thanks." She muttered and swung her feet out the window and jumped.


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Who's gonna catch her? :D
    Great chapter Raven, love the bit with the rock and Deanna telling them they have the wrong room. LOL
    (she should have noogies the maid when she had a chance!) >:D
    Brilliant writing as usual sister! Love it!

  2. Hahahaha! That was brilliant! So glad they finally got around to rescuing her!

    '"It's us!" He whispered.
    "I don't know an 'us,'" She said. "Try another window."' Made me laugh so much !