Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chapter 30

(I'm sorry about how incredibly late this is, I know it's been literally AGES since the last chapter, blame the writer's block. Anyway, here is the new chapter. Enjoy!)

She followed the guard through the halls until they reached the throne room. He stood by the door and motioned for her to go through; with a sigh, she obliged.
The Duke was sitting on his throne, a fixed smile on his face. There was someone knew standing in front of the throne, he had an air of skepticism about him that disappeared when he saw her, being replaced by shock and then determination.
"What's your price?" He asked.
The Duke made a show of thinking about it. "Oh, I don't know, it's a very valuable prize I have found, I should think it would take more than money for me to relinquish it."
Deanna frowned. Prize? What prize?
The guard motioned for someone behind him to come forward, and the crest on his chest became visible to her. A crashing wave.
Then it hit her.
Marianna of the Shore.
Deanna really needed to get out of here.
                                                                            * * *
The guard burst into the tent, startling the King.
He bowed hastily, remembering etiquette. "I'm sorry, My King, for the intrusion."
"That's alright, Albert, what's the matter?" The King said, noting the guards' expression.
"There are some men that walked into camp, My Lord, they are asking to speak with you." He said.
The king thought a moment before nodding and getting to his feet. "Take me to them."
"Oh yes, what a brilliant idea, just walk right into an unknown camp and ask 'can I speak with whoever is in charge here?' what could go wrong?" Alroy said from where he sat with the others with their hands on their heads as the guards pointed spears and swords at them. "We could get bloody CAUGHT for one thing!"
"Will you shut up?" Cayle said exasperatedly. "It would have been worse if we'd snuck in.
"Silence!" One of the guards said, cutting off Alroy's tart reply.
"Make way for the king!" One of the guards said, and they all parted, bowing, though they kept their weapons trained on the group.
"Hello," Cayle greeted. "Forgive me, but, where is your territory?"
"Cayle!" Alroy exclaimed.
"What?" Cayle demanded. "I don't know who he is! Just that he's a king!"
Alroy turned back to the king. "My apologies for my companion, he's a moron."
The king smiled. "It is alright." He said. "My name is Harmon, and I am the King of the Shore."
"Nice to meet you," Finn said.
"Finn!" Alroy said.
Alroy sighed. "Doesn't anyone here know how to greet royalty?"
"No." Was the collective reply.
"May I ask what brings you to this castle?" Cayle asked. Alroy sighed but didn't intervene this time.
The kings face darkened. "The Duke of this castle has taken my daughter captive."
"Your daughter?"
Cayle frowned. "Deanna didn't mention another captive..."
"And whom is this Deanna?"
"She's the girl being held in there." Cayle said.
The king frowned. "Then where is my daughter?"


  1. OH MY GOSH YOU ARE BRILLIANT! LOL I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I could just see the gang out there with there hands up not knowing how to greet royalty. LOL
    Fantastic chapter Raven, (and way to go leaving me on the edge of my seat again!)
    I bet there is a war coming.
    Can't wait to see how Deanna will handle this one. :D
    BRAVO SISTER! No worries for keeping us waiting. (just don't do it again) >:D

  2. Hahaha! I just love those guys! This is awesome, Rae. Thanks for posting! Poor, poor Alroy xD Good thing that king isn't very proud! I loved it how Cayle was like, "Hello." I started laughing then and didn't stop til I had finished!