Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chapter 29

Deanna sat on the bed, staring out the window, lost in thought. How was she supposed to get out of this mess?
The only way out she could see was the direct approach: right through the front door.
She sighed. This was more complicated then she'd anticipated. She decided to make a break for it that night, after everyone had gone to sleep. She looked out the window and saw, to her relief, that the Duke hadn't put guards under her window.
Of course, he probably didn't think she'd use the window, it was after all, the third floor.
She nodded to herself, satisfied that she came to a decision, whether or not it was wise remained to be seen; she just had to wait it out and see.
                                                                           * * *
The flag had been stationary for quite some time, with a foot soldier being sent up to the gates and admitted.
"We should wait until he comes back before we make our move." Alroy said, and, after some arguing, they all agreed and sat down to wait, with Cayle pacing some more.
By the time the sun settled into the western horizon, Cayle had made a path in the dirt from where he'd been pacing. 
"Will you stop that?" Cadman snapped. "You've been pacing for hours!"
Cayle opened his mouth to respond when Bart interrupted before he could. "I'm with Cayle on this one; she should have been here by now."
"Do you think she got caught?" Finn asked.
"Maybe," Cayle said.
"Maybe she just decided to trick us." Cadman suggested. "She is known for being able to manipulate."
"But if she had, she wouldn't be able to get her horse back."
"Why do you think she cares so much about this horse?" Cadman demanded.
"Did you see the look on her face when we told her he was alright? She cares, trust me." Cayle said. "She wouldn't trick us if it meant not getting her horse back."
Cadman sighed. "You're sure?"
"Of course I'm sure!" Cayle said. "Something's gone wrong."
"Well," Cadman began, getting to his feet. "I suppose we have to go investigate, otherwise we wont get our reward.. What?" Bart had given him a withered look.
"Let's go then." Cayle said.
"If we have to." Alroy said, also getting to his feet. "How are we going to get in?"
"Something's happening!" Finn whispered. They all watched the gates as they opened and a foot soldier emerged, heading over to where the flag had been stationary for some time. His pace was quick and the group could tell his shoulders were tense, even from the distance they were at.
When the gates closed behind him, he broke into a run.
"Well, I think this is our chance." Bart remarked.
                                                                        * * *
She gathered her belongings and opened the window, she looked down. It looked farther then it was, but there was still the possibility of breaking a bone, which wouldn't help her escape plan.
She looked around for something that could help her.
The bedspread was too thick to be helpful; the curtains, however, were just right. She ripped them off the rod and tied one end to the bed, and let the other end fall out the window.
After a test yank, she sat on the window sill and looked down, prepared to slide down, when she heard a knock.
She looked up at the and froze. She quickly dropped her bag and walked over, opening the door just a little so that whoever was knocking wouldn't see the window behind her was missing its curtains.
"Yes?" She said when she opened the door.
"The Duke requests your presence." The guard said.
"Ok." Deanna said, silently cursing her luck. She slipped out the door and motioned for the guard to lead the way and followed, her eyes never ceasing to move as she looked for an exit.



    *falls out of her chair*

    *hugs and noogies Raven*

    I read it while eating breakfast! YAY!
    I can't wait to see what happens next!
    I am loving the suspense of it all. :D

    Fantastic writing as usual my dear sister!

  2. Ha, oooh boy! Deanna is in sooo much trouble.
    I am so definitely looking forward to the next chapter, Raven!

    Cayle has to be my favorite character, though... Or Alroy. They're both so funny- and interesting too!