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Happy Birthday, Sky!!!

Happy Birthday, Sky!
Sorry for the wait, I hope you like it! :D
Hope you have a very shiny birthday :D Happy 19th!
*hands 19 birthday cupcakes*

Sally sat at her desk, absently tapping her pencil, thinking over everything that happened.
When she'd gotten home the previous week, her mother and brother had acted like she hadn't been gone for 2 days, and she decided not to question it. She really didn't need to be grounded.
She briefly wondered how long her mother would have grounded her for leaving the current dimension and laughed to herself at the expression she imagined her mother would have.
"What's funny?" Harry asked as he walked in, eating an apple.
"Nothing," she said, snapped out of her thinking. Her brother looked at her strangely, but said nothing.
"Have you finished the History homework yet?" He asked instead.
"Why? You need to copy it?" She asked.
"Nah, maybe next time when your not so day-dreamy." He said, sitting on her bed.
"What's up?" She asked, setting her pencil down.
"Oh yeah right," She said. "You don't normally come in my room unless you wanted something, and you certainly don't eat apples."
He looked confused for a moment before looking at the object in his hand with an even more confused expression which quickly turned to horror and he screamed, throwing the apple at the wall, where it hit, imploded a little, leaving apple insides on her wall, before sliding down and landing in her clothes hamper.
She clamped a hand over her mouth to stop from laughing as her brother hunched over her trashcan and started dry heaving.
"What on earth is going on in here?" Their mother said as she peeked her head in. "Harry, what's wrong, sweetheart? Why are you retching in your sisters bin?"
"Ate...apple..." He choked out.
"Oh for the life of... It's just an apple, it wont kill you." She said, rolling her eyes at her son. "They're good for you."
"That's... what... they... want you... to think." He said.
"You are so strange," She said, shaking her head. "Sally, I'm going to the store, do you want anything?"
"Some more orange juice would be nice," she glanced at her brother, still with his head stuck in her trashcan.
"I'm... good." He said.
Their mother laughed as she closed the door behind her. A minute later, Sally heard the car start and pull away.
"Okay, I think you puked out all the apple, you can relax now." She said.
"I doubt it." He said, but he sat back anyway. "I can't believe I ate a fruit."
"Well, I think you've made it very clear that it was an accident." She replied. "What has you so upset that your eating healthy?"
 "All right already, I'll tell you." He said. "It's Syl."
She sighed. "Why do you get so worked up over that Drama Queen?"
He gave her a look that only an older brother can give. "I love her, Sal."
"Why? There's nothing likeable about her." She said. "She treats you like dirt, treats me like I'm less then pond scum, and flirts with any man with a pulse. She's a snob who cares more about her makeup than you, and that's my nice description of her."
He sighed. "I know, but I can't help it. She puts up a front for everybody because she's scared to let anybody in, her mother left her when she was 3 and her dad remarried to an dis-inherited heiress who was always mean to her."
"Wow, she's got you fooled, doesn't she?" Harry's face darkened and he stood.
"Look, I know you don't like her, but I know the real her, ok? So stop acting like some big know-it-all and mind your own business!"
"Hey, your the one who came in here, remember?" Sally said, getting to her feet to face her brother. "You wanted my advice, and here it is: break up with her. She's rude to you and everyone else, she tells lies left and right like its no big deal, and she is dumber then a post! She's not good enough for you, Harry, why can't you just see that?"
"Forget it, ok? I'm sorry I brought it up." He opened the door, but paused in the doorway. "Why can't you just be happy that I'm with someone I love, other than you, who chases boys away like their flies." And he left.
She stared after him, tears in her eyes.
                                                                      * * *
Bram tapped his fingers as he read through the tome. There was nothing useful in it, only obscure references, and he was getting frustrated.
He put his head on the book and sighed. Why did no one document anything useful?
Suddenly there was a sharp pain in his head, and he jerked his head up, thinking he laid his head down on a quill or the edge of the book, but the pain continued.
He massaged his temples and suddenly there was a wave of emotions that were not his.
Hurt, sadness, and anger. He blinked and he was no longer looking at dusty old book shelves, he was looking at a girl sobbing on a bed.
He stared at her. "What in the realms...?" He muttered.
The girl looked up, startled. It was Sally.
She jumped to her feet. "What are you doing? Spying on me?"
"N-no," He said, he was too confused to form coherent thoughts.
"Just go away!" She shouted and he was back staring at bookshelves.
"What just happened?" He asked them, and, naturally, they ignored him. Typical shelves.
                                                                     * * *
Sally sat back down on the bed, wiping the rest of her tears away. Seeing Bram hadn't helped things, she didn't want him to see her cry.
She was the girl that faced the... She cleared her head before she could picture or think its name, she didn't know how she'd explain a monster that shouldn't exist suddenly appearing in her bedroom, anymore than she could explain a strange boy she'd met only a few days ago showing up.
She sighed, and picked up a Kleenex and blew her nose before going to her mirror to see how bad she looked. The last thing she needed was her mother freaking out on her.
Deciding she looked fine, she left her room, pausing briefly on the stairs to make sure she wouldn't burst into more tears when she heard her mothers voice, and continued into the kitchen, where her mother was making something that smelled foreign.
"What are you doing?" She asked.
Her mother spun around at the sound of her voice and smiled at her. "Oh, hi Sally, you startled me, I thought you were at Jordan's."
"No," Sally replied. "And don't dodge the question, what are you doing?"
"I'm cooking." Was the answer.
"Cooking?" Sally said, incredulous. "You never cook."
"I cook you breakfast every morning." Her mother countered.
"You put a pre-made meal in the over for 30 minutes, doesn't count." She said. "The last time you tried to cook, you almost burned the house down."
"Oh, shut up, I did not."
"We had to redo the whole kitchen!"
"Sally Elizabeth you stop talking right now." Her mother said, but she couldn't hold back her smile for long and she laughed. "It's a new dish I heard Margaret talking about, she gave me the recipe weeks ago and I decided 'what the heck?'"
"What kind of food is it?" Sally asked, peering curiously at the pan on the stove.
"It's something to do with curry, I think."
"Oh that's comforting." Sally responded.
"Hey mom," Harry said, coming down the stairs. "I'm heading over to Mi- what is that smell?"
"It's a new curry dish, she thinks." Sally answered.
"Don't ask."
"Okay then..." He said. "I'm heading over to Mike's, and I think I may eat there as well."
"Fine, but you know they call that cowardice in some countries, right?" Their mom replied.
"I'd heard the rumor." He said, he glanced at Sally, opened his mouth, and then closed it again. "Later." He didn't wait for a reply and walked briskly out of the house, Sally right behind him.
She caught up just as he hit the lawn.
"Harry," She said. He paused mid-step and turned to face her. "Are you really going to Mike's, or did you say that for my sake?"
His face darkened. "What, now I'm not allowed to spend time with my friends? And whenever I do, I must be lying right? Where do you really go when you say you're going to Jordan's?"
"Harry, please, I didn't mean it that way."
"Sure, you did." He spun around and stalked off.
"Harry," She called. "Harry come on, we need to talk about this."
"No we don't," he called over his shoulder.
 "Harry Robert!" She screamed. "You stop right now!"
He froze before turning on her. "How dare you use my middle name, you have no right to pull that card when you're the one in the hot seat!"
"We need to talk about this." She said as she caught up with him. "You're overreacting to the fact that I don't like your girlfriend, and I don't know why, you've never yelled at me like this before and I'm worried."
He opened his mouth to retort, but closed it and sighed. "I know."
"I know, you're right." He said. "I don't know what's happening, but I can't help myself."
"You need to break up with her, she's toxic."
"I know, but... who's that?" He said, staring over her shoulder. She turned and saw Bram walking towards them.
"Bram Stoker?" Harry asked.
"No, no Stoker, he's someone I met in the park... wait, that's not Bram." She said as the man got closer, he had the same height and build as Bram, but this guy looked meaner.
He paused in his stride and smirked at them before he waved his hand and they both went flying.
Sally landed on something hard and felt something crack, she looked up and had to fight the blackness that was threatening to take over her vision. She glanced at her leg and had to fight the urge to vomit, she didn't think it was supposed to bend that way.
She looked over in the direction her brother had went and saw him unconscious, his head on one of the brick wall things that no one knows the name off that their neighbor, Mr. Pressley, loved. He wasn't moving.
"Harry!" She screamed, trying to move towards him, but every movement sent a wave of pain into her brain.
The man was leaning over Harry like a vulture.
She blinked back more darkness and saw that he wasn't like a vulture, waiting for the prey to die so he could dine, he was studying her brother's head and the, she gulped, and the blood that was running out, almost curiously, like he'd never seen it before.
"Leave him alone!" She shouted, trying to get him away from Harry.
The man glanced at her and smiled, but it was a smile without amusement, it was the kind of smile you give someone when you're trying to be polite about them ticking you off.
"Poor little mouse," He said, he had an accent that she'd never heard before. "Your caught in the trap, can't get out, only one thing to do, to end the pain." He brought out a large knife from his boot and ran his finger along the edge. "Don't worry, I'll help." He stepped towards her and she screamed, which just made his smile grow. "Scream all you want, little mouse, no one can hear you."
"We're in plain sight, you psycho!" She shouted.
"Not in the time bubble, all time stands still, beautiful isn't it, my little mouse?"
She suddenly remembered the supposed bond she shared with Bram, and she sent all of her emotions through it, calling for help that seemed so far away, while the danger was oh so close.
She closed her eyes so she wouldn't see the final blow, but it never came. She heard a grunt and opened one eye to see Bram grappling with the psycho.
She breathed a sigh of relief but sucked it back in as Psycho appeared to be gaining the upper hand. "Look out!" She screamed as Psycho swung with the knife he had retrieved, after Bram had sent it spiraling.
Bram ducked and kicked out with his leg, connecting with Psycho's knee, making it buckle. Psycho used the momentum provided by gravity and launched himself at Bram, tackling him to the ground and punching him whilst holding the knife to his throat.
Sally looked around for something to throw, but there were no convenient rocks lying near her, which was very inconsiderate of them, she instead pulled off the shoe of her good foot and threw it.
It bounced off of his arm, but distracted him long enough for Bram to get out from under the knife and punch him.
Bram rolled to his feet and chanted some words that Sally could barely hear, and a portal opened up behind Psycho, who glanced at it and smirked.
"Until the next time, Sir Knight." Psycho said with a small bow, before turning to her. "And to you, little mouse."
He pulled something out of his pocket and crushed it in his hand, disappearing just as Bram ran forward to push him into the portal.
Bram landed with a solid thud in the flower bed. "Well that hurt." He said, sitting up.
Sally crawled over to Harry and checked his pulse, which thankfully was still beating and he was still breathing, she could have fainted right there.
Bram crouched next to her and put his hand on Harry's head, checking the damage. She punched his leg.
"Ow!" He said. "What was that for?"
"You're late!" She said.
"I got here, didn't I?" He said.
"Eventually." She said. "Who was Mr. Psycho?"
Bram was silent as he examined her brother's head. "He needs medical assistance; call for your mother."
"But who was he?" She demanded. "And Psycho said that no one could hear me call for help."
"And now he's gone, and so is his barrier, now call for your mother." He said. "Your brother has a concussion."
"Mom!" Sally called. "Mom, come quick!"
Her mother appeared in the doorway. "What's with all the..." She said, her voice trailing off. "Harry!"
She rushed over. "What happened?"
"Uh," Sally said, trying to think of something. "Would you believe we got attacked by a psychopath from another dimension?"
"Honestly, Sally, this is no time for games." She said. "What happened?"
She glanced at Bram, and did a double take. "And who is he?"
Before Sally could answer, Bram did. "My name is Bram, yes, I know, my parents thought it would be funny." He said, cutting off her mother's comment about Bram Stoker. "I was walking by and I saw the whole thing, your son tried to balance on the bricks here and slipped."
Her mother looked skeptical but didn't comment. "I'll go call for an ambulance." She said, getting to her feet and running to the house, and a few minutes later, Harry was on his way to the hospital in an ambulance, accompanied by Sally, because her leg had finally been noticed by her mother while they were waiting on the ambulance, and her mother.
Before she was taken away in the ambulance, Sally pulled Bram aside, and by that, she simply motioned him over and shooed away the paramedics, seeing as how she was now strapped to a gurney.
"You never answered my question," She said. "Who was Mr. Psycho?"
He hesitated. "You shouldn't worry abou-"
"Shut up, he attacked me and my brother, my brother, now who the heck was he?" She said; he didn't answer. "You don't know, do you?"
"Not at present, but rest assured, I am going to find out." He said, motioning over the paramedics and walking away before she could say anything else.


  1. :D Wow that was fantastic! Thank you so much for writing this for me, Raven! :D I really loved it. It's fascinating... Are you going to continue it? I hope so! There's so much potential story here! I loved it when Sally punched Bram because he was late :D
    Just epic!

  2. Great story Raven! Your stories keep on getting better and better! I do hope you write more about Bram and Sally. I want to read what happens next! (I read your story instead of doing homework) LOL I could not help it, it was so exciting! Love the funny bit with the fruit in the beginning. :D
    This was a perfect gift for Sky! Well done sister!
    *hugs tight*