Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chapter 22

She admired herself in the mirror. Her blonde hair hung loose about her shoulders, bringing out the green dress, which in turn made her light green eyes really stand out.
She had to admit it, there was no way around it: she looked pretty.
That was a rare thing for her to see, that she actually looked pretty in something, as she had always seen herself as ordinary looking.
She looked at her reflection for a few more moments before finally being able to drag herself away to go exploring some more, now that she wasn't in just a bathrobe.
The skirt slid on the rough carpet, and it took all of her grace to not trip and fall flat on her face, and even that wasn't working so well, as she kept tripping over the long skirt, with only her reflexes saving her from landing face first on the floor.
This was harder then it looked.                              
                                                                               * * *
The horse was very, very noisy. He would whinny, and stomp his feet constantly when they'd stop for the night, or when they'd stop for lunch. The only time he was quiet was when they were moving.
"That horse is getting on my last good nerve." Cadman said eventually.
"Agreed." Alroy said.
"He can't help it," Finn said. "He's anxious to find her."
"Finn's right," Cayle said. "Once he finds her, he'll calm down, trust me; but until then, we need to be patient with him, my guess is this is the longest they've been separated."
As if in response, the horse tossed his head and snorted.
"Fine." Cadman said with a sigh. "Whatever, I just wish he wouldn't be so... What is that?"
He'd glanced off to the side and noticed a group of riders, heading straight towards them.
                                                                               * * *
She made her way back to the bathroom she'd come from, and looked around a little bit, but, deciding that simply looking around a bathroom, waiting for someone to show up to show her around, she left and began exploring.
She made her way down the hall, peeking in doors. At one point, she found a library, with shelves upon shelves of books, which simply made Deanna depressed: she couldn't read.
She closed the door and continued exploring until she came upon a door that was ajar, she could hear people talking, and she couldn't help herself. She stopped just outside the door and listened, though she didn't recognize either of the voices.
"No! I will not!" One voice, a man's, said indignantly. There was a hrmph sound, and a sound of wood on wood.
"Aha! Take that!" Another voice, also a man's, said. "And you will! When I win, you will clean my horses stall for a month, that was the deal, and so you must hold."
"And if I don't?" The first voice challenged.
"Then you shall be locked in the dungeon with the other prisoners."
There was a pause. "Is she down there?"
"Who? Marianna?"
"No," The second said. "Didn't you hear? It was a case of mistaken identity."
"But why is she still here if it was a mistake? Shouldn't she be on her way?" The first asked.
There was a hesitation. "I shouldn't tell you this, but I will anyway, because we're friends, right?" The second asked, sounding like he was about to confess a deep dark secret that boarded on treachery.
"Of course we're friends." The first said.
A pause, and then, Deanna could hear an intake of breath. "The lord is planning on-"
"What are you doing?" Someone demanded from inside the room.
"Uh, Haley, what are you doing here?" One of the men asked.
"You and you're stupid chess games and conspiracy theories." The girl named Haley said.
Figuring she wouldn't be hearing any more of the lords plan from them, Deanna continued on down the hall, wondering who this Marianna of the Shore was, and why everyone thought that her and Deanna were one and the same.


  1. Oh boy, Deanna is very much in trouble!

    lol, I thought it was so funny how she kept tripping over her dress xP.
    Only her reflexes were saving her!
    That was awesome!

  2. I bet Marianna of the Shore is her long lost sister. :D Yeah, and then Deanna can be, Deanna of the RAINBOWS! YAY!