Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chapter 17

Deanna stirred and tried to raise her hand to her forehead, where a headache was throbbing, but she couldn't reach her head and heard the distinct clank of metal.
She opened her eyes and saw that she had been chained to a wall. She tugged experimentally on them, but they were well made and looked brand new.
She looked around to see that she was being held in a small room with straw laid out on the stone floor to offer little to no comfort. There was a window with bars on it that allowed a little light to shine in, eliminating the iron bars that made up one of the walls.
She was in a jail cell.
"Hello?" She called, confused as to why she had been kidnapped and hoping to get answers. "Is anyone there?"
There was laughter from the next cell across from hers. "There's never anybody down here, sweetie."
"Who are you?" Deanna asked, trying once more to loosen the shackles.
"My name is not important," The voice responded. "I've just been here a very long time."
"Do you know why I'm here?" She asked.
There was silence and then more laughter. "You're going to ask a prisoner that question? Because they tell me all of their plans, right?"
"I was only wondering if you had maybe overheard something." Deanna said defensively. She did not appreciate being laughed at.
There was the sound of a door opening and closing and then footsteps.
"Well, looks like your about to get your answer." The prisoner said.
                                                                       * * *
"Are you kidding me?!" Cadman said incredulously after the Inn Keeper had told him the price that he owed. "For just one night?!"
The Inn Keeper just stood there patiently until Cadman finished his tirade.
"Sir," The man began. "Those are our fees when a party of four plus four horses and a wagon, plus all the extras that you ordered. I am sorry."
Cadman just glared, the man's patience irritating him even more than the price of the rooms.
"Cadman, I'll pay for it." Cayle said, stepping forward.
"No." Cadman snapped. "I can pay for the damned rooms; I just don't like that this place overprices everything!"
After having paid, Cadman stormed outside and began yelling at Finn for choosing the most expensive Inn in the country.
Finn stood there patiently and let Cadman rant before calmly turning around and climbing up on the wagon.
"Not to mention," Cadman began again as he mounted one of the horses. "We still have to buy another wagon, so thank you, once again Finn, for choosing the most expensive damn place."
"I already apologized, what more do you want?" Finn asked calmly.
Cadman just glared at him.
                                                                      * * *
The footsteps grew closer and louder with each second.
Deanna waited expectantly until the lone guard approached her cell. He smirked at her.
"Well, well," He said. "Look who's finally awake."
"Where am I?" Deanna asked.
"You're about to find out." The guard said as he unlocked the door.
He walked in and took off her chains, which fell to the floor with an echo. He pulled out a pair of smaller chains and put them on her wrists behind her before pushing her out of the cell.
"Your feet aren't chained, you can move faster than that." He said as he pushed her again. ?
She turned to glare at him. "I have no idea where I am and you expect me to lead? I guess they don't teach brains or manners in guard-school."
"Why you!" He raised his fist to strike her, but another voice cut through his rage.
"Mike! If you hurt her in any way the master will put you in a cell with the rats and you know it! So don't be an idiot." The other guard walked up. "Put your fist down."
The first guard, Mike, after a few more moments, finally put his arm down.
"Here, I'll take her to the hall, you go cool off." The second said.
Mike just nodded and walked off, casting a glare in her direction.
"Now, just who is this 'master' you keep talking about?" Deanna asked.
"Keep your mouth shut." He said as he shoved her forward.
"When are you people going to realize that I don't know the way! So it's really pointless to let me go first." She pointed out.
"I said," The guard began. "Keep your mouth shut."
But he did begin leading her from her side.
Deanna shrugged mentally. At least he wasn't shoving her around anymore.
Now she had to turn her focus to this mysterious master of theirs. Who would want her captured?

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  1. Wow, interesting... For some reason, I like the other prisoner... Strangely, I pictured him with a rough Australian or English accent... like Mark Shephard, the actor.
    Anyway, I have no idea how Dianna's going to get out of this one.