Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Story Thing

(this was just something I did so that you guyz had something to read while I wrote my book :P, I don't know if I will continue it or not, but it's something to read in the meantime, enjoy!)
Silence fell upon the Inn as the door flew open, slamming into the wall. The stranger responsible for the doors’ movement walked in now, her stride full of confidence. The men in the room were surprised that a woman, barely more than a girl, could be so heavily armed. The men in this village didn’t treat their women like dirt. They appreciated a woman with an independent mind but they rarely picked up a weapon of any kind. The women tended to leave the fighting to the men, while they ran the village. The stranger moved with a calm confidence and grace that was almost unnerving. She walked up to the desk and asked in a smooth voice that was also chilling: “Is Mr. Herndon here?”
The clerk looked up from the goblets that he had been cleaning. “What?” He asked. He had been busy cleaning so he hadn’t seen her enter. She smiled patiently at him to get him relax but left him, instead, with a nervousness.
“Mr. Herndon.” She repeated, still smiling at him. The clerk thought for a moment, while looking the stranger over. She had blonde hair down to her shoulders, and shockingly green eyes. Eyes that were smiling in gentle amusement at him, he realized.  “Is he here?” She asked again.
He frowned. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know a Mr. Herndon.” He said apologetically. Now it was her turn to frown. This wasn’t going the way she had planned.
“Are you sure?” She asked. She was getting slightly impatient now, but fought not to let it show. She knew from experience that if you are going to ask for information, the best way to do it has always been be nice and calm, don’t rush people and don’t let them know why you want that information.
The clerk shook his head now. “I’m sorry,” He said again. “But I haven’t heard of anyone by that name.” She looked him over carefully.  She sensed that he was genuinely sorry, and not saying that out of politeness.
She was also aware that everyone in the room had been staring at the exchange for at least 5 minutes and glanced casually around at them, the smile still on her face. But it never reached her eyes, which had a warning look in them.
Everyone started guiltily and looked down at their plates, embarrassed, and started talking amongst themselves again; only casting occasional glances in her direction.
“What does this Mr. Herndon looks like?” The clerk asked and she turned her attention back to him.
“What?” She asked.
“Well, he may have checking in under an assumed name,” He explained. “It happens sometimes.” He added with a slight shrug. She thought for a moment; then mentally shrugged, it was worth a shot.
“He has short brown hair, brown eyes, he is well muscled, and has a scar on his left cheek, and is remarkably plain and shifty looking.” She said, watching the clerk for a sign of recognition, but she wasn’t rewarded. The clerk shook his head.
“I’m sorry, miss,” He said sadly. “But no one like that has been in here in days.”  She looked up at the last part.
“Did you say ‘in days’?” She asked. The clerk nodded. “Would that be implying that you have seen this man?” The clerk thought for a moment; then realizing that he could still possibly help this woman, he nodded.
“Yes, he passed through town three or four nights ago.” He said. “Isn’t that right, Jason?” He asked a man busting one of the tables.
The man, Jason, looked up at the mention of his name; there was a look of puzzlement in his expression. For with all the talking that was going on in the room, he hadn’t heard the question only his name. “What?” He asked, as he walked over to where they stood.
“Wasn’t there a shifty looking fella who passed through town a few nights ago?” The clerk said, it wasn’t really a question. Jason nodded once as understanding dawned on him.
“Yes, sir, he did,” He said. “And, come to think of it, a number of items went missing when he was.” The stranger was nodding to herself now. So he had been here. She turned abruptly.
“Thank you both for your help.” She said, smiling again. Both men nodded; glad they could be of help.
“You’re welcome, little lady,” The clerk said. “Can I interest you in a room for the night?” He asked. The girl hesitated. It was a tempting offer, she had to admit. She never dropped her smile.
“As tempting as that offer is,” She said gently. “I really must get going.”
“Oh, I see,” The clerk said, nodding his understanding. “At least stay for some beef stew; my wife is an excellent cook.”
“How could I refuse?” She said, still smiling.
She walked out of the door about an hour later, letting it close behind her. She walked down to the stables and unlocked one of the stall doors, and brought her horse out, mounted and rode out to the main road. She thought over what she had learned.
So Herndon had been here within four days, she said to herself. He had a bit of a head start but if she didn’t stop as often, she thought she might be able to catch up.
She urged her horse into a gallop.

Back at the inn, after the strange woman had left, a man came down the stairs, stopping at the clerks desk. “Is she gone?” He asked.
The man looked up, startled. “Y-Yes sir, she’s gone.” The clerk managed.
The man nodded and glanced down at a goblet that had been recently cleaned and polished, and saw the ugly scar that ran down his left cheek in the reflection. That cursed woman had given him the scar, and she would soon pay.


  1. OMG
    Raven, you HAVE to write more!! It is BRILLIANT. I really want to know what happens next!!

  2. WOW!
    I love it!
    You should DEFINITELY write more!
    It's awesome-sauce!
    You could make it a side story or something for when you need a break from your book!
    I loved all the details that really let me see the whole thing in my mind. I love doing that :D

  3. OOOooooooOOooh! WOW! You write with a cle verness I wish I had. Love the detail and teh dialog. BRILLIANT! *claps*
    Love the last part. VEry sinister and thrilling SO that dude at thedesk thought he could lie, eh? >:D WE WILL MAKE HIM PAY! THEY ALL WILL PAY!
    *shakes fist crazily and gets odd looks*

  4. WOAH


    *Beauty and the Beast reference coming up*
    You will post more now. THAT IS NOT A REQUEST!

  6. This is really awesome! I love it! I hope you write some more of this it was really exciting!